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PVA Laundry Pods Detergent Packaging Machine

Capsules (Pods) are becoming one of the most popular packaging choice for consumer products.

For manufacturers, production seems too expensive due to the high cost of the machinery available in the market. Our mission was to make our own equipment that is easy to operate, flexible and reliable.

This is how we can offer our customers services for their new PVA based packaging products.

Automatic liquid pods packing machine is a rotary drum-type unit dose non aqueous liquid pods forming, filling, sealing and cutting equipment. It is an automatic high capacity water-sealing packing machine, specially designed for high concentrated laundry detergent pods. It has good adaptability of water soluble PVA film and detergent liquid.

The machine is particularly suitable for packing high concentrated liquid detergent,missible oil pesticide, oil chemicals agent and some other non aqueous system contents small dose single packs. It is a preferred packing way of product upgrade.


Machine Structure

Machine Structure

Machine Size

Machine Size

Machine Specification

Mold quantity6‐13 lanes(depend on pods size)
Design based on 470+490mm or 490+510mm width film
Drum sizeOuter diameter 800mm(with mould)
Pack volume5‐30g
Pod shape1,2,3,4 chambers (customized)
Weight tolerance±0.1g
Packing pass rate≥99.9%
Film waste≤9%(depends on pods size)
Running noise<80dB(A)
Installed power15Kw
Power supply3phase 380V, 50Hz(customized)
Air source0.6m3/min, 0.5‐0.8Mpa
Packing film requirementPVA/PVOH material
Film thickness75±5µm
Roll film3 inch core, diameter less than 300mm Width depend on the design
Conveyor belt size5760±5mm(length)*530±1mm(width)* 3mm(thickness)
Liquid inlet joint pipe Dia, connect way, height1.2", clamp connector, 2160MM
Pods output height500mm from ground
Control modeTouch screen micro computer control

Working Condition

Working conditionTemperatureBest: +15-+25℃; Accepted: +5-+30℃
HumidityBest: 30%-45% No condensation; Accepted: 30-+50%
Using placeClean indoor workshop
Material conditionPacked contentLaundry liquid; working temperature: +5~+40 ℃
Product SpecificationMould size: subject to the design
Storage conditionWater soluble filmAccording to the requirements of the supplier, suggested temperature: +20-+25℃, humidity: 30%-40%, constant temperature and humidity storage room, no condensation
Semi-finished podsSuggested temperature: +15-+25℃, Humidity: 40%-60%, constant temperature and humidity storage room, no condensation

Structure Feature

Film transfer system1> Drive mode: servo motor control;
2> Bottom film preheating roller temperature adjustable range of 0-200 ℃;
3> Preheating roller material: special high thermal conductive silicone rubber.
4> Transmission roller material: hardening treatment 6061 Aluminum alloy;
5> Inlet Film correction mode: scale identification + flattening roller; ensure guidance stability
6> Fast, accurate and convenient to change roll film.
Mould system1> Mold Shape: customize as per client's specific requirement base on square or rectangular cutting edge;
2> Pod shape: After theoretical simulation and handmade sample confirmation with small mould in lab‐machine;
3> Mold Material: aircraft‐grade aluminum alloy T651, surface harden coating;
4> Mold Integrated processing molding, to ensure reliable accuracy.
5> Mold can be replaced, easy to clean.
Vacuum system1> Invention patent vacuum mechanism design, reliable sealing, uniform pressure in each mold cavity
2> Vacuum pressure up to ≤‐0.07MPa;
3> Leybold vacuum Pump, noise﹤80dB (A);
4> Imported vacuum valve parts;
5> Independent vacuum opening and closing design, precise positioning, stable forming.
Filling system1> Filling Metering Method: Plunger type pump, single pump single head;
2> Metering cylinder material: Shell SS304, lined with zirconia ceramics;
3> Filling nozzle material: SS316L
4> Filling pipe material: PE. Seals material: fluorine rubber;
5> Filling pressure: 0.01Mpa;
6> Anti‐drip way: check valve(one‐way valve) (patent design);
7> Single pump design accuracy 0.02ml/times.
Sealing system1> Patented water applying mechanism design, servo motor control, water roller self‐cleaning;
2> Water metering method: metering pump, uniform & stable water volume;
3> Water quality: With on‐line water treatment system to meet the requirements of production;
4> Sealing Roller material: special high thermal conductive silicone rubber;
5> Heat sealing roller temperature adjustable range 0‐200 ℃;
6> Sealing drive Mode: servo motor control.
Vertical cutting1> Cold cut;
2> Convenience‐style vertical cutting design, easy replaceable blade;
3> High speed steel blade, Germany brand
Horizontal cutting1> Horizontal cutting positioning mode: servo motor control, optical fiber sensing;
2> Slitting accuracy: <0.3mm;
3> Blade Material: tool steel;
4> Thermal cutting temperature range: 0‐250 ℃;
5> The design ensures easy cleaning and replacement of the blade.
Drum1> Servo motor driving
2> Adjustable rotation speed: range 1‐1.2 rpm;
Conveyer system1> Discharge direction: Face the machine
2> Belt Material: PVC;
3> Conveying speed variable frequency adjustable: 0‐10 m/min, synchronize with the drum;
4> Belt Correction method: Guide Strip.
Frame1> 304 stainless steel frame(square tube 60×60×4mm)
2> 304 stainless steel plate(60×20mm)
3> Tempered glass(8/12mm), form a closed working chamber
Control feature1> Self-cleaned water roller design, ensure the sealing stability, decrease the machine stop time for cleaning the water roller.
2> Vacuum pressure detection and control, may not stop the complex irrigation;
3> Accurate fine-tuning water applying, pods can be packed directly on the packaging line after sending out from belt
4> Fully Servo control for film feeding, pods forming, water applying, sealing, cutting