Fruit Jam Filing Machine
Fruit Sauce is a quick and easy-to-make sauce recipe. The main ingredients used to prepare it are fruits like mango, orange, banana and grapes. You can also add more fruits of your choice to make this sauce. Fruit Sauce can be used as a dressing or syrup over ice-creams, pancakes and desserts. Its sweet favour also compliments other dishes and can be enjoyed in during summers. This sauce recipe would be relished by adults and kids alike.

Alimentary products, especially fresh food that is not pasteurized must be prepared and packed with special care for the product, using suitable packaging materials and carrying out the bottling process complying to all hygiene requirements. Our machines are easy to disassemble and clean, making them the ideal equipment to prepare jars with apple jam, strawberry jam, and other alimentary sauces. Our machines can even fill jars with sauces containing pieces of meat or vegetables. They can fill at room temperature as well as hot temperature.

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